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My computer is compaq D510 SFF PENTIUM 4 CPU 2.53GHz,RAM 512 MB ,With intel 845 G Graphics card.Windows 7.The aero effects are working fine.My problem is i vant play games and 3D effects are not working.Am been adviced by the system to upgrade,or install a graphics card .is it possible to upgrade the integrated graphics card from the intel website?
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  1. The integrated graphics can not be upgraded. I would go with getting a discrete graphics card and disabling the onboard video in BIOS. Make sure the PSU can take the additional load from the upgrade; you might be better off upgrading the PSU at the same time. Also, going about 2 GB of RAM could not hurt, esp. if you are using Win7. It is better than Vista with the memory usage, but still... 512 MB is VERY low. Gaming would be difficult even if you had excellent specs graphics-wise.
  2. You need to install a new video card. You cannot upgrade an Intel integrated video chip.
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