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Burnt-out MOSFET transistor on Asus motherboard.

I recently put my new computer together, which included an Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 motherboard.

Everything was able to POST outside of the case, but once installed in my case and turned on, what appears to be a MOSFET transistor, according to the following image (, did the following:

- made a strange sound
- starting glowing bright orange yellow
- popped
- started smoking

My pictures of my mobo are at the bottom of this post and are the clearest ones my phone could take. I don't know a lot about hardware, especially motherboard hardware, so I come to you guys/gals. My computer was still able to run after this and everything appears to run normal with normal temps. I've only probably messed around after installing the OS for a few hours, but I'm trying to stay off of it. Is this transistor important? Should I try to get a replacement? I have contacted ASUS by their tech email sections on their site, but they haven't gotten back with me. I'll probably try their phone line soon.

Sequence # next to transitor: PQ701

Farther shot:

Closer shot:

EDIT: By the way, the location for this transitor is directly left of the CPU and blue "fin" and directly right of the ports that come out of the back of the case (usb/audio/etc..). From the little I've researched, it appears to be some sort of voltage regulator for the CPU. I won't turn my computer on again, but hopefully, the CPU is still fine. Nothing seemed wrong when I looked at temps and ran it with Core Temp and CPU-Z.
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  1. Just going to add in that I tried to call ASUS, but their lines say they are closed for presidents day, so I had to leave a message.

    But if anyone has knowledge of motherboard hardware, I'd still appreciate it.
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    I have this board specifically, and the answer is 'yes RMA it'.

    No sense keeping a board that had a problem like this.
  3. Since I couldn't get much info on the subject, that's what I ended up doing. I just sent it for delivery back to Newegg today as an RMA. I just hope Newegg will actually replace it.

    In the meantime, I bought a ASRock board of similar specs to last me until the Asus gets back. Assuming it's good, I'll either keep it as a backup or sell one of the boards. Luckily, I already have someone interested in the latter.

    I guess we'll see how it goes.
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