Phenom x4 955 BE too hot, Fan too slow?

I have a Phenom x4 955 BE with a stock cooler, and its getting pretty hot, doing around 40c on idle and 57-62c when gaming etc. Even under load the CPU fan is only doing around 2700 rpm which i am guessing is far too low, how can I force the cpu fan's rpm higher? Thanks
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  1. It's overclocked? If not go in the BIOS and lower the CPU voltage to 1.2-1.25V.
  2. No its stock. Windows 7 seems to throttle the voltage according to power settings, is this right?
  3. Set it manually like I said, many mobos give too much voltage.
  4. Thanks, I could only get it stable at 1.29V, do I need to alter the NB voltage or can that stay as is?
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