$250 Video Card

Hello Im looking to spend $250 on a graphic card.
I only have 400 Watt Power Supply with one PCI Express Port
so may need to include the power supply in the price

my resolution is 1280x1024

looking into maybe a GTX 460 1GB or HD6850 1GB

like to play crysis, crysis warhead, battefield bad company 2, call of duty black ops
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  1. At your resolution you most assuredly do not need to spend even $200 on a video card!! Now, you could use some of that $250 budget to buy a GPU & a new PSU if you want though. Can you give us any specific details on your power supply?

    I'd probably recommend you purchase a PSU along with the video card to be safe though.

    The GTX 460 1GB & ATI 6850 will both be plenty for your resolution.
  2. Asus ATI 6850 DirectCU $179-$20 MIR = $159.99

    Zotac GTX 460 1GB $189.99 - $30MIR = $159.99 + Free Just Cause 2 Download

    If you don't plan to Crossfire/SLI this is a good quality, although basic, power supply:

    Corsair 500W Builder Series $59.99 - $10 MIR = $49.99
  3. What is the CPU? It would be pointless pairing a fast card with a slow processor, particularly at such a low resolution.
    Good PSU from Jerrence, quality at a sensible price although for $10 more you can get this flashier modular from OCZ ;)


    And if you want to save a little cash the 768MB GTX460 is a little less than the full 1Gb card and would, in my opinion, be a better deal at 1280x1024.
  4. Crysis is still the king of benchmarks.....

    Knowing you have one PCI-e slot is helpful, but, knowing the type of MB and current cpu would be more helpful.....

    (Not much reason to stuff a GTX460 into an old socket 939 3400+ running at 1.8 Ghz, for example..)
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