My computer is turning of when i play games

I have this computer for a year i could play any game on it black ops, assassins creed brotherhood, Mw2,.... One week ago my computer sudenly turend off while i was playing mw2,after that i tryed another game and then i started playing cod 1 also its anoying my power supply works fine i cleaned the computer from dust,now even on youtube my computer starts crashing could it be a virus or overheating i checked i also checked my computers temperature before it was 27 now its 37 when im not playing games when i play about 47 (before37).

I have

Ati Readon HD 4800 series
Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 3.66GHz
4 GB Ram
Microsoft Windows xp Profesional
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  1. GPU-Z for graphics monitoring and try realtemp for the the cpu. Set them to log a file, play a game and check the temperatures after VIA the log files to rule out over heating. What do you have for a power supply?
  2. I tryed with Realtemp temperature
    39 32
    distance to max
    61 68
    thermal status ok

    Power supply

    Model NO:Z400-08FC (400 W) peak
  3. now i will try when playing a game what the temperature is
  4. when i am playing a game the temerature is now
    39 34
  5. sudden power drops is usually a temperature safety cut-off or your PSU is starting to die. Seems your temps are fine, I would try a different PSU and see if it fixes it.
  6. I changed my power supply and it works fine now tnx a lot :D
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