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I have a socket 478 motherboard: It is the eSys p4m800/478 V1.0A. I am having some problems with sata controllers and am hoping a BIOS update might fix it.

On the manufacturers website, they list support and downloads for very similar motherboard models but not this one. Mine is the eSys p4m800 but they only have BIOS'es for the eSys p4m800-M or eSys p4m800 PRO, the eSys p4m800 is not in the list. (here)

I know the chip is the VIA P4M800 on the motherboard, and im quite sure it is the award bios. So I have 2 questions:

Can I try updating the bios using the update for the similar p4m800-M? Or alternatively, several other manufacturers have uses this chip on their MOBO, such as (ASROCK ) and they seem to have more comprehensive bios updates. Could I get away with flashing the bios chip using an update available from another manufacturer?

Thanks for any tips
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  1. You alreday determined that ECS don't list that motherboard. Flashing the BIOS with a file not specifically for your motherboard will most likely cause very serious problems. Don't expect the system to POST if you do it.
  2. oem motherboards dont usually have bios posted outside of the system integrators website. The board might be ECS but they sold it to eSys without support. Its up to eSys to support it.

    The p4m800 chipset had a couple of southbridges it could work with. Look at the one on your motherboard and download updated drivers for it. Usually it was the vt8237 or the vt8237r both of which has issue with sata2 devices. You would think that the device would switch to sata1 mode by itself but I've dound that not to be the case. You might look for a utility to switch the device to sata1 mode if there is no dedicated jumper (like on my samsung drives). You probably should forget about trying to run any of these new 'Advanced Format' drives on this chip. I can verify that you can run up to 2TB sata drives on this chip. Mine was a dedicated server running two samsung 2TB drives for a while there.

    ps - the southbridge controls the ide & sata ports in case you didnt know this.
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