Does crossfire work on this Motherboard?

I bought the M5A78L-M/USB3 motherboard and i was wondering can i crossfire it? i thought you need 2 pciex16 slots to crossfire but people on the forum were talking about any pcie 2.1 card fitting in a pciex1. I probably wont crossfire but it would be good food for thought to know that i could if i really wanted to.

motherboard link

also it says it supports hybrid crossfire x.

Thanks all
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  1. Hybrid CrossFireX means that you only need 1 GPU for Crossfire. This is because you are actually Crossfiring the GPU and the onboard GPU.
  2. Typically you need two cards to crossfire, so with that board you obviously cannot do that. There are cards out there however that have two gpu's built onto one card (like this: ) which is considered crossfire as well. For most people, buying a single gpu card with a bit more graphics power than they currently need is the way to go, and will allow you to avoid any issues that can come with learning/installing crossfire/sli and drivers.
  3. ahh ok thats fine but do pcie 2.1 cards fit into pcie x1 slots?
  4. I'm going to go ahead and say no to fitting the pcie2.1 X16 into a pcie X1 slot. The connectors on your video card won't match up to the pcie X1.
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