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From LGA775 to LGA1155 mobo : do I need a new PSU ?

I currently have an older motherboard
BFG nVidia 680i with socket 775 LGA and I would like to upgrade only the minium required component for a new mobo with LGA1155 socket.

For what I can think I need the following 3 components:
- new CPU (getting Core i3-2120 or Core i5-2400, still need to decide)
- new Motherboard with LGA1155 socket
- new RAM DDR3

I was wondering if I can still use my BFG 1,000W PSU or do I need a new different power supply?
This is my current PSU:

Beside those components, am I missing anything else for the upgrade I want to perform?
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  1. That PSU is still good... Depending on your budget of $600 upgrade, get an i3 2120, if your going higher than $800, get 2400 OR 2500k for OCing which gives way better performance...

    i3 2120 $135
    2(two) GTx 560Ti or 1(one) GTx 580 3GB $415
    8GB DDR3 1600MHz $50
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    Your PSU will be fine. My, what a lot of cables it has!

    And that's all you really need assuming you are carrying over other components from the other machine. If you have any old IDE drives (the big flat ribbon cable), be aware that most motherboards don't have that interface anymore.
  3. It's not a very good power supply but should still work for you. I would not stress it too hard though.

    LegendKiller, where is OP posting a budget or a need for graphics cards?

    Netspiderz you are correct in that you will only need a motherboard, CPU and RAM as long as you have the other parts.

    Get the i5 2400 if you can afford it. It's a great chip. Of course the i3 is too.
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