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I've recently noticed that my computer continually keeps locking up, it never used to, but whenever I try to switch to a different browser, or even when I type something quickly, it lags behind a good few sentances.
I have done a virus scan, and well, nothing came up.. I also recently brought a new mobo and ram "no for this reason however" but still, it continually locks up..

Is there anything to check, or software to check for any problems?

I know that everything is connected fine inside, and all of the hardware -should be fine-.. but I believe I either have a virus... or something slowing me way down.

Any help would be great.
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  1. You can get a second hard drive and install the operating system and browser from scratch. Then, if you Don't have a problem, move over your data from your old hard disk. And, start reinstalling programs you need.... (I've found no magic bullet to fix a slowed down version of MS Windows, you just have to reload them after 2--3 years...)

    IF you still have a problem, then its your hardware. Post details of MB, RAM, CPU, ...etc and folks can help diagnose from there

    BTW, Did you actually install the new motherboard and RAM ????
  2. I have only had windows 7 installed for roughly 5 months, I wouldn't expect that but who knows.. New harddrive was the reason, but it hasn't been since the time I installed it on it.

    I guess I will have to post my hardware, as I don't see any other way...

    and Yes... I did install my newly purchased items..
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