AW2310 Developed Yellowish Area

I purchased an Alienware OptX AW2310 back in may of 2010. Yesterday I noticed the top left corner of the screen turning a bit yellow. Today its spread a bit to cover almost 1/4 of the screen. Anyone know what can cause this? I have no speakers around it, its not sitting near a window, I'm not a smoker, I didnt pee on the screen lol. I just dont know what can cause this. Its not even a year old.

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  1. I would contact Alienware support, looks like it is going bad.
  2. I did contact dell support, and a replacement is being sent. Looks like something with the backlight is going bad. The top left corner gets to hot and starts to turn yellow. So hot even a spot on the corner stops responding and turns dark. I did a little test, I got a fan and had it blow at the screen for a bit. The corner went back to normal.

    Out of all the lcd's I've owned, I've never had one that got to hot.. This is odd. I wonder how this happens. If anyone has an answer, I'm all ears.
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