5770 Max cod4 all setting 1920x1080 one screen

Was going to buy a xfx 5770 and was wondering if it will MAX out cod4 an all settings at 1920x 1080 and if i need to consider a stronger card and if so which card. Thanks for your input

antec 900
8gb ram
x4 965
750 watt corsair
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  1. The ATI 5770 is probably less than what you want for 1920x1080 OVERALL. However, for Call of Duty 4 in particular, the 5770 would be adequate. That game runs very well on just about any video card.

    For most other newer games though, I'd want to look at the ATI 6850 or GTX 460 1GB as a starting place. Though I'd prefer the GTX 470, ATI 6870, ATI 5850 (which are pretty cheap now).
  2. Yes it will. In fact it is overkill.
  3. Thanks for all your advice i purchased the card installed it and it runs everything max at 60c ?? is that hot ?? never had a graphics card in a desktop before i have a fan blowing on the side of it Antec 900 side fan. Seems to be holding up fine
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    If you're maxing out graphics and playing @ 1080p, and your card's max temp is 60c you're doing just fine. :)
  5. gtx 460 is better choice than hd 5770.however its fine as i think.
  6. yeah 60c is great no worries there at all, probably should have spent the extra bucks on a gtx 460, 6850/6870, or wait a few days for the gtx 560 which should be in the same price bracket as the 460 and outperform it by a good deal.... so imho i would return it and go that route if your interested in playing any game other than mw in 1080p
  7. The GTX 460 easily outperforms the HD 5770 in CoD4 and is generally more powerful than the HD 5770:

  8. there ya go the gtx 460 is a beast and when oc'ed can surpass a 470 and run with the 5870 in this benchmark, again really a better investment than a 5770 but if you are satisfied then my point is moot but if you get into some other games that are more demanding, you might find the 5770 (@1080p) to be lackluster at best
  9. mrjericho1991 said:
    gtx 460 is better choice than hd 5770.however its fine as i think.

    most logical advice ive seen you share, thanks jericho and good idea!
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