Will this USB2 card reader setup work?

My new project is an old Micron Mellennia with an upgraded MoBo and processor. The board is an Intel D850MV, which unfortunately does not support USB2. I did install an old USB2 PCI card I had laying around to get USB2, but would like also like to install a universal media card reader in one of the front 3.5" bays. The local shop only had ones that plugged into the MoBo's front panel connector, which is only USB1. I couldn't find any, but do they make internal readers that will plug into my USB2 PCI card's standard internal USB2 connector? Do they make USB2 PCI cards with the internal motherboard header type connector? I found a USB2 male to USB A male adapter cable http://www.amazon.com/Adapter-designed-motherboard-external-connector/dp/B000V6WD8A/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1300542382&sr=1-5. Will this work?.
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  1. Hello noonin1;

    That's looking like it could work.

    Belkin F5U220 USB 5 Port 2.0 PCI Card (4 external and 1 internal)
    I just can't find any docs or pictures that show what that internal connector uses for a connector.
  2. Thanks WR,
    I have a USB2 PCI card installed and trying to find a universal media card reader that will connect to its internal USB plug without an adapter. I found what I was looking for here...
    It's a little pricey compared to some, but takes a standard USB B plug in the back, and looks like it's much better made than other brands, which from reading reviews sound like they only last a year or so.
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