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So recently I have decided that this PC I am running is dying more and more everyday and it's time to upgrade. The current pc is a Dell Dimension 8400, CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 160GB hard drive (This is a 6 year old computer).

I have been thinking its time to get in the present with a new desktop. I want to game , watch blue ray, Read and write all formats, and be able to do school work with no problems. I want this thing to be top of the line but I really don't want to pay as much as Intel i7 ex-stream prices. I have been researching AMD now and found a couple reasonable packages but I am not sure if that is what I want. I am open to other options. I would say the budget would be around $1,800. Here are the bundles I found.

package 1


Package 2

I want a lot of cooling capability(5 or more fan capability) and liquid cooling , more than memory slots, thought about putting Raid on Hard Drives Raid 5 or 10, also thought about just getting a Solid State Hard Drive , or a hybrid drive for booting purposes, and a have a regular hard drive for files and such.

That's what I've thought about. Now I am ready to hear from you.
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  1. Newegg super combos like that arent usually a good deal, in this case they snuck in a 1100T which isnt the best choice, and a 5900RPM HDD which will be pretty slow.

    Sandy bridge boards are returning to the market so a build based around a 2500K or a 2600K would be a better pick for what you are looking for doing, and picking individual parts or 2 part combos gives you better control and two part combos are always a better value than the super combos.
  2. More suggestions would be appretiated
  3. Spend a couple extra bucks and invest in the H50 or H70. They are a CPU water cooling solution, and worth every penny. They will keep your CPU at really nice temps, and they will work really well with high overclocks.
  4. My opinion would be for you to build a $600-800 computer instead. It will easily be able to do all those things, and you will be able to upgrade again at some point before your computer is laughably obsolete.
  5. I have speced out some things and this is what I have some up with.










    CPU: i7-2600k



    Hard drive

    option 1:



    option2: Two

    (yes I know they're made for laptops)



    R/W Drive(DVD/CD/BR):



    Cpu cooling unit:



    All in one printer:








    I think that is everything. I would like to hear opinions of any combination of those things .And still open to options, and I might have forgotten something.
  6. Extreme level boards and a 6850? Not quite the best balanced parts. I would suggest going with that Asus board and a better GPU like a HD6950

    As for the hard drive, the raptor isnt worth it, get an SSD and a 1TB Caviar black, it will be faster for large file transfers the raptor is only better in random transfers

    The H series kits arent great, they perform around as well as a big air cooler, which tends to be cheaper, the thermaltake frio will do better and is cheaper

    Those ram kits are much more expensive than you need them to be, especially give the current price of memory, you would need some pretty heavy OCing of the base clock to support memory over 1866, so i suggest a good low latency 1600MHz kit, this ripjaws kit is almost half the price and will perform just as well, you wont get any performance difference outside of memory only benchmarks
  7. Wouldn't it be more worth it getting



    The bandwidth is larger 12800, and cas is 6. The one you put up is much lower with only 8500 and a cas of 7, and the voltage rating it higher too.
  8. Damn, i failed at reading when i was recommending the first time, i could have sworn i picked a 1600MHz kit, the first one of those two is the better pick, you dont want to run 3 sticks of memory on anything but x58 as it will cause a dual channel board to run in single channel mode, if you are considering 8 GB of memory i would suggest this over two of those 2x2 kits as it comes out cheaper and the difference between cas 7 and cas 6 isnt much, and two sticks are more stable than 4
  9. so I found another optical drive like the last one I posted except there is one difference and I don't under stand it.


    the difference is BD-ROM Access Time:250ms but the first one I posted has two numbers in this category 250 & 380ms.
  10. Is it really worth getting 8GB of Ram right away? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231351


    either way works $70 more for 8GB.

    more onions please.
  11. still looking for answers
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