Help! Graphics card is not being detected by computer

Hey so i just installed a geforce 8800 into my computer. Everything is hooked up right as far as i can tell it is in the pci-e 16 slot and i have the 6 pin power connected to it. I can also hear the fan working. I was reading some other posts on the internet and alot of people said to go into your BIOS and change something to PEG. Well i have been looking all over in my BIOS settings and have found nothing like that. The closest thing i found was some video addapter controller or something like that and it gave me a few options of a long list of letters and numbers but nothing to deal with PEG.
My motherboard is a gateway rs780
if anyone can help me out here i would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Select PCIexpress as primary VGA adapter in BIOS!
  2. i dont see that as an option....give me a min to reboot my computer and i will post a list of the options under vga
  3. now on top of it when i went to restart my computer all i got was one beep sound and my monitor went into sleep mode. I heard the windows start up music but the screen stayed black. I fixed this by takeing out the graphics card. What can that mean? it sounds like the computer is working but the screen stays black and like i said i hear a beep sound every time

    Also it is called Primary Video controller not adapter. This is the only thing i see that might mean anything. my options are
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    Just a thought! You are swapping from ATI IGP?
    Did you uninstall the ATI card in device manager before installing the 8800?
    The process is uninstall old card in device manager/Shut down and physically replace card/start up running windows default VGA drivers and then install the drivers for the new card.
  5. ok thanks i will try that. I did go and disable the IGP but this was after i already had the card in. If i unistall it tho will i beable to get it back just in case for what ever reason i dont get this to work and do not want to be stuck with nothing
  6. You can always get the onboard back by resetting BIOS (remove battery for a few sec).
  7. ok i uninstalled it but didnt get to try it out however because i am running into that same problem as before...On startup my monitor is just a black screen like i said it sounds like the computer is running and i hear the windows start up but im not getting anything on the screen
  8. hm i think i might know the problem...i was still plugging the monitor into the default slot in my computer that connects it to the integrated video stupid me now if i could just find the adapter so my monitor cable will plug into the dvi port and save myself 10$+ from best buy =/ thanks alot tho man
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