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My old laptop died about a year ago. It was a dell XPS m1210. Its screen remained black whenever I pressed the power button while the only indication of life came from blinking caps lock and num lock lights. I thought that the screen was just broken.

Anyway, I purchased a new computer. Its a Dell Inspiron 640m. I have used this computer for the past year when I realized that my old laptop had more RAM. I did some research and found that the RAM from my old XPS would be compatible for my Inspiron, so I switched it out.

I moved both 1 GB sticks from the XPS to the Inspiron. Now the Inspiron has the same black screen and flashing lights problem as my XPS originally had. I switched the original Inspiron RAM back in and now my Inspiron still does not work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Problem fixed, the RAM wasnt seated properly. How do I delete this thread?
  2. Contact a moderator. They will help.
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