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While checking weather and playing a game, screen went black and CPU started make a whirling (fan?) noise. Held power button in and it turned off. >5 mins, pushed power button in and would not boot. Tried again - would not boot or turn off. Had to turn off @ power strip. Computer has made whirling sound before, but could usually turn it off w/power button, wait then it would come on ok. Also, recently when using internet, the status bars were black & could not see icons. However, reset properties and this went away.

Use C-Cleaner about 1/wk and have firewalls, etc.
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  1. So the power supply appears to turn on? Do you hear the HDD spin up. Are you able to open & close the door of the DVD drive? If so will it boot from the windows disk?

    If you leave it 5minutes with the power on does it begin to emit beeps? (you must have an internal speaker for this, either on the motherboard or on the case and connected to the motherboard.)

    Do you have a voltmeter so you can test the PSU voltages?
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