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My laptop suffers from overheating, then shutting down on me. This tends to happen when I am streaming from YouTube. My processor is not being overworked, I have checked the Task Manager and it runs no more than 50%. I have my laptop in a well ventilated area and I cleaned the dust out of my fans, which are still functioning. The RAM modules get extremely hot along with the heatsink. I don't know what to do.
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  1. You might need to open up the laptop to clean the cooler and reapply thermal paste. Some laptops are know for overheating the video chip, see if there's a recall or a fix for your model.
  2. Download and install HWMonitor, and post the temperatures it reports on your system. Also, when you cleaned out your fans, did you use an air duster? Could be that you blew some dust into the case, which will act as an insulator.
  3. I took the fan out of my laptop and cleaned it. I reapplied thermal paste to my processor and heat sink. It is still having the problem. It gets really hot by the exhaust. I have it propped up and there is no blockage to the exhaust ports. I have not seen any recalls or fixes for my computer. I have a Vaio VGN-CR506E running Windows 7.
  4. And I just ran HWMonitor and watched it until my computer shut itself down again. Both cores hit a max of 180 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. 180 Jesus! I'm shocked.
  6. Yah, 180 is really hot.
  7. here's a possible solution. b/c your cpu is getting so hot, you can use RMclock to slow it down. link to download - http://cpu.rightmark.org/download/rmclock_235_bin.rar
    just run it and lower the multiplier and your cpu will run cooler, but slower.

    this is a temporary fix. it'll allow your laptop to work, but you still should find out why its getting so hot.
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