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Wireless graphics card? Awesome.

i just read about this:

not released in the US yet but when they come around in the next year or 2 i might have to pick one up. every time we want to watch a movie in bed i have to drag my pc out a couple feet so the cable to the monitor will reach.

What do y'all think? will it be worth the extra money? if i had a monitor or projector that didn't have wireless built in is there some kind of receiver i could buy so i could put a media PC somewhere out of the way?
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  1. At what price premium? Maybe GTX580 price for GTX460!
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    Yeah certainly, you could use Push2Tv that's the easiest way to connect all you 802.11x devices straight to the TV... and at 720i.... :)
    With this baby I don't even think you need that card.....
    You can check it out here.... although I think they are dependent on Intel chips right now, but I think there are other companies doing pretty much the same stuff....
    For a few others here, check these out

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