CPU upgrade?

Hi all,

I know this is going to make a lot of people laugh (very hard) but I am deciding between building a new computer and just "limping" my current one along for a while longer. We are planning on building one to replace hubby's computer; he does most of the gaming.

My question is this... I have a (very old, just to warn you) socket 775 board. (MSI PM8M3-V (MS-7211)) and it currently has a Celeron D 347 in it. I have looked at the upgrade compatibility chart and can run a Pentium D 960 (highest) which I can get for less than $100. Is it even worth the time and money? I think we have maxed out my board otherwise... I have 2G of RAM, a Nvidia GeForce 6200 (not sure if that is as high as I can go.) I mostly surf and work on pictures... but the boys would love to game better on mine if they could.

Any votes?
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  1. Don't waste money upgrading save for at least a new motherboard and CPU.
  2. That will be useless for gaming. If gaming is the object, you'll have to spent a few hundred dollars.
  3. I figured that might be the answer. We can run basic games on it as is.. GW, LoTRo. Simon... go ahead and laugh... it is DDR RAM. It is an all or none upgrade for this computer I think!

    Thank you for the time to reply!!
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