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Sunday, new PC, help me.

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March 19, 2011 10:08:53 PM

I want to get a new PC, really want to build one this Sunday, I built my last PC 6 years ago. These are the parts I came up with, buying at a local store that will price match.

CASE : Corsair Graphite 600T
PROCESSOR: Intel i5 2500K
MOBO: Asus P8P67 Pro
HD: WD 1TB Caviar Black SATA 3
VIDEO CARD: eVGA GTX 560Ti Superclocked
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB ( 2x4GB )
PSU: COrsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2

I am a little stuck on a few things here.
1 - Will that power supply allow me to SLI later on, or should I get a 850?
2 - Should I get the Cooler Master 690ii Advanced for my case, I like the looks of both?
3 - I am a long time ATI user, should I stick with the 560Ti, or get a HD 6950 1GB, or stick with the 560TI and get the MSI branded one?

I will be using it mostly for gaming, and mild photoshop use. Any help or info would be great. Right now the price is at $1204.40 Canadian.

More about : sunday

March 19, 2011 10:17:40 PM

Oh ya, this price includes Windows7, and a DVD drive plus a mouse.
March 20, 2011 12:55:46 AM

Get the Corsair HX850 for SLI.... (my SLI 460 system draws over 600watts too much for a 750watt IMHO...)

(it's a beast with 70A on the 12volt rail. Measures more like a 900watt or 950watt) In fact it puts out more power while running far cooler and quieter than even the Corsair HX1000, but, that 1000 is an older design...

I see both cases. I think the cooling on the 600T might be better for SLI....

I love ATI cards too, but, SLI just scales far better than Crossfire. A pair of 560Ti is simply awesome, far more powerful than a GTX 580....

EXAMPLE : my SLI 460's beat my CrossFire 5870's.....

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March 20, 2011 1:03:10 AM

Try this to calculate you power supply.

And be sure to age the capacitors a bit, you'll find it better to buy large enough to allow for both expansion of the rig and aging of the unit. Corsairs calculator ( does not go into as much detail.

Whatever you pick for a case depends a lot on personal choice, just make triple sure there are enough expansion slots and enough room in the case between the back slots and the front of the case for the video cards and their power connectors.

I'm happy with my ATI card setup myself but others do swear by nVidia
March 20, 2011 1:14:20 AM

1- You should be good with that psu even if you go SLI. I use the TX750 (1st version) to run my system and it's rock solid.
2-Both cases are very nice and it's hard to choose between them but I would stick with the 600T.
3- If I was only getting one card I would stick to Nvidia as I like Phys-x. The MSI version looks pretty nice with the twin frozor cooler and all should run pretty quiet.
March 20, 2011 1:32:52 AM

Thanks for the answers people, I appreciate it, hopefully pick it up Sunday. So as far as eVGA and MSI goes, either is a good brand?

My last card was actually a Sapphire ATI x850XT, and it's still rocking, I can only hope my new card lasts as long without any problems.
March 22, 2011 12:20:03 AM

Question, need help please. I am building right now, I got the Asus P8P67 PRo, I am using the Corsair TX 850 V2. There is the big ATX power connector to the right side of the MOBO, which I got plugged in, but there is also one at the top left of the MOBO. It's 8pin, I have a 8 pin from the PSU, but half of it is a different shape then the MOBO, the squares dont match.

So can I use just half the plug? Use 4 pins.
March 22, 2011 9:40:19 PM

You have a 4 + 4 pin ATX power connector on that model. It can be connected to all 8 pins on the motherboard connector near the CPU.

What the video from the 5:30 mark onward. It shows both the 20 + 4 pin main motherboard power and the 4 + 4 ATX CPU power connectors...