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Narrowed my mobo search down to three. Your input please.

It's going in my HAF X case, with a Intel i5 2500k CPU. Undecided on GSKILL Ripjaw vs Corsair Vengeance ram. Which and why if you have an opinion?

Asrock z68:
Asus p67:
Asus z68:

They are all in my budget... I'm just not sure which will be more reliable, and will out last the others. I'm not planning on OC'ing for awhile just going to run everything at stock settings for awhile and I might consider it. I've considered the Sabretooth, but I'm worried about it overheating, I don't trust the new technology of the heat armour... + it doesn't even come with a packaged assist fan to distribute the air trapped under the armour against the motherboard?! Sad...

Here is that board I mentioned above.

Thank you all again in advance for your input!
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    The Asus boards that you listed will give better OC results than the Asrock and have a better warranty.

    I had a few 'features' (bugs) on my p67 mobo, but not anything that can't be over come. Plus it needs a discreet GPU.

    I went with the P8Z68-V Gen3 with my last build and am happy with it, although it seems that the P67 was a bit easier to OC and was a little more stable.
  2. i purchased the asrock board for my system and i built my brother one with the asus z68. i have to say both boards are pretty decent. neither of them got very hot (i had a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 board a while back and that boards northbridge got insanely hot!). i think i slightly preferred the asus boards bios. their manual had less typos too. lol. i didn't overclock the asus board but the asrock wasn't too bad. it has decent options. i can't vouch for included software because i didn't install any of it on either board. only big difference between the boards that i found when i was reading the manuals was the last pcie_16 slot. on the asus if you are going to use that last slot in x4 mode, it disables the usb 3.0 header, esata, and both pciex1 slots. the asrock only disables the two pciex1 slots. i didn't use that slot for either build so im not sure if that should affect your decision much. as far as the ram goes, i don't know about the gskill but i used 8gb corsair vengeance low profile in mine and i've had no problems whatsoever. ultimately, i don't think you can go wrong with either one.
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  4. I went with Asus P67. Thanks. :)
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