Error No Such Partition Grub Rescue>

I ran a dual boot of Windows 7 and Ubuntu.
I installed 7 first and then Ubuntu as a dual later.
My boot screen initially was a GNU Grub Loader with option to select Windows 7 or Ubuntu

Recently since I was running short on space for Windows I deleted the Ubuntu Partition and added it to the Windows drive
Now the boot screen has the following error message

error no such partition
grub rescue>

What do I do? I deleted the Ubuntu partition while in windows and restarted.
Ever since I have been unable to boot
I assumed it would revert to the windows boot screen but somehow it still is trying to boot in ubuntu... I guess//

Help me out here

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  1. insert windows disk, and try to repair, might take several attempts.
  2. I would also suggest switching the MBR to windows instead of Ubuntu.
  3. How do i switch the MBR??? My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15R
  4. Go into the Windows CD and have it fixmbr
  5. That helped... comps fixed! Thanks a lot~!
  6. ahnilated said:
    Go into the Windows CD and have it fixmbr

    i did'nt get you....where can i find fixmbr option?
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