Graphics card upgrade, need opinions please

I have a dell diminsion 8100 p4 2.4 with 2 gigs of ram. I currently have a 410 watt power supply and run a nvidia geforce 6800 gs graphics card. I do online gaming all the time ( tribes, wow, d & d, battlefield, rift beta, etc...). I know I have a older system, but its been good to me.

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card. Was thinking of getting a 9800 gt but not sure if my computer will handle it? Any recommendations on a graphic card I should upgrade too?


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  1. I believe your computer uses the AGP interface so keep that in mind when picking out a card. This means you will not be able to use the 9800GT which is the newer PCI-e interface.

    I would look at finding a GeForce 7600 or 7800 8x AGP card. They were specialty cards when they were released so it may be kind of difficult, but with the AGP limitation those are, in my opinion, the best cards you will find.

    Also, check the amperage on you power supply (should be clearly labeled on the side) and make sure it meets the recommended spec for the card you purchase.

  2. Thanks Singemagique!

    I was over optimistic on hoping I could use the 9800 gt card.
    I will check my power supply amps and shop for the 7600 or 7800 card.

    Appriciate it

  3. well in my opinion, time for an upgrade..... you got a lot of mileage out of that system, and it is darn old, personally I wouldnt waste money on old tech unless you can grab one of those cards for say less than $20 then it would be justifiable but I would not do it if you have to buy a new psu, overall I would say stick with what you have and save you money for a budget build, you can certainly piece together a pc in the low-mid range by todays standards for around 500 or less... just some thoughts... bc that old p4 and your agp slot are going to hold you back a ton
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