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Well I will purchase a GTX 580 from Amazon, there it costs 500$ whilst in Norway it costs 700$ for an equivalent. However only a few GTX 580's are available in Norway. Can anyone help me find a GTX 580 from Amazon which doesn't make a great amount of noise (I am noise tolerant however I will not stand too much noise) and which doesn't go above 85* (Degrees Celsius).

I'd also like it to be a good performer. It wouldnt neccesarily have to be a GTX 580 as it could be the AMD 6970 however I'd like it to be a great performer with little noise and have the ability to be shipped to Norway.

My current setup is;

Intel i7 920 with Noctua DH NH 14 (or wtf, a popular CPU fan)
2x GTX 295
Random 1 TB Western Digital HDD
12 GB Crucial 1600 MHZ RAM.
Evga Clasified X58

I'd like objective responses and not "ZOMG NVIDIA SUXXXX AMD IS THA KINGZZ BANG FOR THE BUCKZZZ"
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  1. Hi cocopara!
    I think you should go for the gtx 570.Are you playing single display?

    However noise levels arent the best with gtx570.Compared to the 6970.
  2. I'm playing single display however do you think the 570 will run BF3 at max? at 40+ FPS?.
  3. No official benchmarks have been released.

    However according to rumors it should be better than Metro 2033 in visuals.Which unfortunately failed to maxx out Metro 2033,2806-8.html

    Advice should be is that you should buy a gtx560ti SLI setup which is great for maxxing even the most gpu intensive games.
  4. I don't like SLI setups. Can you please find me a decent GTX 580, I want the noise level to be decent, Temps to be OK (80* at load is ok) and perform Good and be compatible with my MOBO. Must be able to ship to norway aswell.
  5. I still need help with this. I mainly need a link to a well performent and pretty noise silent GTX 580 from Amazon or any other good site that allows shipping to Norway.
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