Hello, I am looking to piece together my own computer but am having trouble getting started. I plan to play games, both online and not. Any feedback on processors and the like?
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  1. Hi theladner12!
    Could you tell us the budget of your new build?
  2. Many samples in our forum on gaming builds. You can also check in youtube for some cool ideas. But most important is your budgeting.
  3. we'll say 1k-1.2k for sake of argument
  4. Ok,
    Do you want a single screen or Multi Display setup?
    intel i5 2500k
    Asrock xtreme4 p67 mobo
    Coolermaster Hyper212 Heatsinkfan
    4~8 gb of ram
    Single display gpu: gtx570 or ati hd 6950 OR Multidisplay: gtx 560ti SLI, ati6950CF
    hdd: 1tb
    psu: Corsair TX 750w.

    This should be what you are looking at.Since i dont live in the US so i am not so familliar with the USA prices.

    Case purely depends on your own requirements.
  5. if u go with Intel..get the i5 2500k...u can youtube some builds with that to get some ideas also
  6. ^that's a good build skeleton up there. For the PSU, get a 600W with one GPU or a 750 for two.
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