Pentium dual-core E6700 compatible with the GA965P-DS3 rev 3.3?

I currently have the GA-965P-DS3 motherboard and want to upgrade my processor to the Pentium dual-core E6700 (not to be confused with the core 2 duo E6700). I would jsut like to be certain that this processor is compatible with my motherboard. they both fit a LGA 775 socket

I have already looked through gigabytes compatibility lists for this motherboard and found nothing about the Pentium dual-core E6700. However the Pentium dual-core E6500 which seems to be in the same same series, is in fact compatible with this board. Seeing as how this is an older motherboard, i wounder if Gigabyte simply stopped updating the compatibility list for this board before the Pentium dual-core E6700 came out.

Pentium dual-core E6700:
Compatibility list:

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  1. Hi skremli1!
    there are reasons for incompatibility among some cpus.Sometimes its technological sometimes its business but if it doesnt state then most likely it wont support the cpu.
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