HW Monitor has TMPIN0 at 111'C...What do I do?

Something has to be wrong here right? My system would technically be boiling?

Is this a common error? Are there some remedies? Should I be worried?

I also have another question. On the side of my case there is a part of the side where it is open, like a grill, it essentially allows air to get in and what not. How come when I put a desk fan by it to blow cool air in (it happens to directly hit my GPU) The gpu does not get cooler at all, it just stays the same. I was under the influence that this would be like having a giant intake fan on the side of the computer, and yet it does nothing.

The computer is a gateway fx 6801-03
It has an intel i7 920 2.67ghz
MoBo is a Gateway TBGM01
I put in a GTX 580, instead of the Gtx 260 that it initially came with.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Ty

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  1. Hi Chilledchaos!
    I also have been using Speedfan temp monitoring software and i believe it is unaccurate.My temps could go to -256c which i dont think it could
    Anyway could you download realtemps software and give them a go.
    You could get a more accurate thermal reading with two real temps or core temps.
  2. The 111C tells me that you have HW monitor making up values for a sensor that does exist, or for a sensor that might not actually be a sensor. I would just ignore that, you would be smelling a lot of smoke right now if that temperature were true.

    As for why your GPU temperature doesnt drop, the temperature of the GPU at idle is much less effected by the airflow through the case as it is by its own fan, which at idle temps tries to spin as slow as possible to keep noise down, so if adding the fan made the GPU temp drop 2C the fan speed would decrease and it would go back up a bit, at load the same thing occurs, however, load temps are affected by the airflow in the case only up to a point, once you get to the point where the air its sucking in isnt any warmer than the air outside the case you cant cool it down anymore, its all the responsibility of the GPU fan.
  3. @hunter

    Okay, so essentially what you are saying is I will see more of a impact of these fans under load, due to the fact the case will inherently be hotter during load, and bringing cool air will essentially impact it more?

    And yea, i figured it wasnt working right lol

    Ty for the help guys!
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