Dont know what cooler to get

hey i have been thinking for a while now about getting a new cooler for my cpu had mine for 2 years now only a £15 one but thinking of overclocking my 1090t further than 4.0ghz i get temps of 48 - 50C max and blue screens at 4.1 also before getting a new one would having a new cooler help in any way? any help appreciated :)
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  1. Your temperatures do not seem to be abnormally high.

    A better cooler might be able to reduce your temps some, but that is no guarantee that it will let you OC higher.

    Check to verify that your current cooler is still well installed, and not loose.
  2. Those temperature are totally fine, not high enough to limit overclocking. A new cooler would not help you overclock.
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