Extending my wireless network using WRT54G v7

I'll describe the exact situation in some detail, so that you can help me properly.

At one corner of my house, we have a DSL modem, connected to a WRT54G v7. The WRT54G is connected to my desktop via Ethernet, and to my work desktop via 802.11g

I recently bought a new notebook, which I plan to keep in my bedroom. One problem is that there is no wireless reception in my bedroom.

Now, I've done the necessary research, and I figured that the best way to extend the range is to place an access point somewhere in the middle (geographically) of the router and my notebook. The place where I really need your help is this:

In the middle, where I will be placing the access point, I have an Xbox 360. I really want to connect this to the network as well, and I think the wireless-n receiver for the Xbox is horrifically overpriced.

Now, is there any way to connect all these three things, the Xbox, my notebook and the internet, using one device?

I think I could have used my WRT54G (and bought another router) as an access point (and connect it the Xbox) if I could install DD-WRT on it if it weren't v7. But I can't.

I don't mind cutting my bandwidth by using WDS like this, but I'm not sure whether the Xbox will be able to hop on the network, or whether the WRT54G can take the place of the Airport Express in the method mentioned at the link.
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  1. I sympathize with you. I'm trying to figure out wireless networking and extending the capabilities of my home network. It is frustrating. I found out about DD-WRT and thought "great" but then found out neither of my routers can use it.

    How about changing out the antennas on your WRT54G. That might help a bit with the signal. I've seen them for sale on eBay. Bummer you have v7. You might want to sell it on eBay and buy another WRT54G that is compatible with DD-WRT. I bought a couple to play with.

    Or what about buying a long ethernet cable and putting the router in a different room in the house? It doesn't have to sit right next to the computer or DSL modem.

    Can't help you with the Xbox question. Can the Xbox be hooked up to your network via ethernet? If you don't mind voiding warranties I'm sure there are other ways to hook it up. I've run across some wild stuff while researching DD-WRT.

    Hope my thoughts help.
  2. Actually I managed to make it work!

    I just bought a WAP54G, set it up as repeater, connected it via ethernet to my Xbox and everything just worked!

    So the WAP54G is both extending my wireless network and connecting the Xbox to the internet.
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