GPU to run games such as crysis 2

Hi, I am builiding a new computer with sandy bridge 2500k.
I was wondering what GPU is the best in my case.
My goal is to play starcraft2, diablo3, crysis2, rage, bioshock3, XCOM, duex ex, and GTA4.

My display is samsung syncmaster bx2331 that has 1920x1080 resolution.
I care about resolution first, then FPS = texture, and then AA the last.

I just got a case called silverstone RV02.

I don't care too much about temperature of the cards.
But I care more about how much electricity bill I have to pay.

I am not quite sure whether I want to run SLI/Crossfire or not especially because
it would consumer twice more power. Also, I don't always run games and so I don't like how SLI/Crossfire can still consumer more power when I am using MS word or internet.
But at the same time, I guess I need little sacrifice of power in order to run some games.

In my case, what do you guys think is the best answer?
I thought about 6850, 6870, 560, 6950, 6850CF, 6870CF, 560 CF so far but I can't find the best answer and also maybe there are other options for me?
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  1. With the 560Ti coming out in the next 10 days or so its best to just wait and see where it fits performance wise and price wise before you spec out a new PC.

    Mactronix :)
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    Crysis 2 is going to be less demanding than the original Crysis.

    The best advice I can give if you are not sure is to buy a motherboard that is either SLI or XFire capable, then sticking on card of your choice. If you think Crysis 2 or any other game is not performing as you would like it to then stick in another card.

    I have not seen reviews for the GTX 560, but here's on of the the GTX 570. As you can see it edges out the HD 6870 by a little, so the GTX 560 is likely to be a little slower than the HD 6870.


    Since the GTX 560 is a slightly slower version of the GTX 570 it will likely use a little less power, but the HD 6870 will use even less.


    Here's another perspective about power consumption from Xbitlabs:


    Notice the huge jump in power consumption from the HD 6870 to the GeForce GTX family?
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