USB 3.0 MB and case with only 2.0 ports.

Hello and thank you for any answers that are given.
My question is how do I get the 3.0 outside my case? If there is a panel that would fit in a drive bay, I would be ok with that.
MB is this

case is this

Again, thank you for any answers.
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  1. Hello 2dmfst;

    What USB 3.0 devices do you need to attach?
  2. Right now it would only be an external HDD. I don't know what else I'll be getting but I want the ability to use anything on the market.
  3. Something like this would work: SIIG JU-H40212-S1 front panel USB 3.0 4-Port Bay Hub $50

    Personally, I prefer the external powered hub like: Koutech IO-HU430 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External Hub $40 as a better way of keeping things organized.
  4. Thats the type of item I was looking for but reading the replies on these items is dissapointing. Looks like I need to wait until someone makes a better hub. Thank you for your help.
  5. That's a smart move IMO.
    It's not like you'll have a shortage of USB 3.0 ports anytime soon.
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