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Hello guys, how ya doing today?
Heres my question, I have a Gtx 570 and also an ati 4850 laying around. (Also, running Win7) So can I keep the Nvidia card as my gaming card and use my ati for the extra monitors? (And then use Softth Alpha 2.0.4 for tripple head).

Im not sure if windows 7 supports two different card drivers, or if I even need ccc in order to just use the ati for the dvi ports.


(Edit) Also, I have a quick side question. I am thinking of getting one more gtx 570 so i can have 3d vision surround, but my problem is I cant figure out if my mobo supports sli. P7P55 LX Rev X.0x thats the mobo i have.
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  1. Windows 7 supports both sets of drivers. You should only need the drivers for the ATI card CCC is for tweaking.
    Your board is not good for SLI the second PCIe X16 slot runs @ X4.
  2. ok, thanks. Do you have any sugestions as to what board would be good for about $100-$150? Im looking on newegg and I cant seem to find where it says if it supports sli, like my board i just see Crossfire support. (Im looking for an intel board)
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    This one does
    They have it as open box item as well
    (You can always click the manufacturers link to the right on the details page at newegg)
  4. Thank you very much, you were very helpful! That board is perfict.
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