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I'm looking to build a new computer to replace the laptop I currently have b/c I don't like the heat and fan noise it causes.

My more demanding uses for the new computer will be 3D modeling with solidworks, maya, some casual gaming (im not a big pc gamer), and photo-editing (which i feel is not very demanding on my comp, but I am a newbie with comp hardware).

I was wondering if someone can tell me what kind of specs I should look for in deciding the processor and vid card to get. Any input on other specs that I would need for the kind of system i want would also be greatly aprreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Basically, with Maya and such you can go as high-end as you want. Nothing will be overkill, as long as your parts are fairly balanced.
    It all depends on your budget: what is it? What we're good at here is figuring out the maximum performance that can be squeezed out of a set budget.
    The basic things you'll be looking for in a modeling build:
    -Lots of RAM. 16gb may be warranted; otherwise 8 is safe.
    -A good graphics card. This is the most important part of the build, and depends purely on your budget.
    -The processor will probably just be anything that won't bottleneck the card. With a decent GPU, this will almost certainly be the 2500K. It's just about the maximum card for a sane build (the 2600K is technically better, especially with its extra threads, but shows little performance improvements at a significantly higher price).
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