Are Graphics Cards identical between Manufacturers? (MSI, XFX, GIGABYT


I just bought the MSI 6950. I had the choice to buy XFX 6950 or GIGABYTE 6950...etc.

Are these cards identical just with different manufacturers?

I am asking because I can download the drivers for this card from AMD here:
....but I can get them from MSI as well...

Are the drivers different?
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  1. More or less. There are only a few OEM card manufacturers that produce cards for all the name brands. The cards rolls off the production line and the appropriate sticker is slapped on.

    The difference generally comes from different heatsinks.

    Two examples of OEMs:

    1. PC Partners - The parent company of Sapphire
    2. Pine Technology - The parent company of XFX
  2. The drivers may be tweaked differently between brands (if they have custom drivers), but when you upgrade drivers in several months from now you're gonna be downloading those drivers from AMD/ATI not the brandname.
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