Upgrade Palit Geforce 9500GT advice needed

Hello all!

I've been doing lots of reading but now my head is in a spin... Can someone help a girl out please?

I want to be able to play GTAIV and Avatar etc... I also use my PC for watching Bluray discs and other 1080p videos via HDMI on my main 50" LCD TV.

My current system is:
ASUS AMD M4A88T-M 880G/SB710 microATX Motherboard
AMD Athlon II X3 440 Processor

So.... essentially I want to be able to watch and play games at high resolution with no lagging. My budget is around £100-£150.

I've been looking at: PALIT GeForce GTX 460 Sonic - 1 GB GDDR5 and GAINWARD GeForce GTX 460 GS - 1024 MB GDDR5 which are both practically the same thing. Do I need something this spec? Or could I go lower or higher and notice a significant difference between what I already have?

I'd appreciate any hints/suggestions you have.


Clare :sol:
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  1. The size of the PSU is going to be the decisive factor how high you can go in a card. The GTX460 will be a nice match with your current setup (pending PSU size) and a big upgrade from the 9500GT. If you want to save some money you could be looking at GTS450 as well.
  2. Thanks for your help rolli59, not sure what my size my PSU is from memory - probably nothing fancy. Think I'll probably go with the GTX460 the price isn't that much more than the other type. Its always nice to be reassured when you're about to part with money! ;-)
  3. As usual, Rolli59 gives good advice, just be sure the PSU can handle a GTX460 before parting with those hard earned drinking vouchers.
    Oh, and I notice you have a micro ATX motherboard, if the case is also fairly small, check the card will fit, most will, but Murphys Law is always waiting in the wings.
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