Hi there... I need help cuz while i'm playing games(nfs pro street, tdu2, cs2, stronghold, etc) gameplay is very slow.... i dont konw whts the prob... low fps like 2-10 fps.............. any help would be greatly welcomed :pt1cable: .. :hello: ..

intel core2 duo e 7200@ 2.53gh
intel media accelerator :bounce:
1gb ram
intel g33\g31 express chiset family
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  1. Your first move is more ram
    how confident/good are you at trying to overclock the chip?
    and do you have a graphics card?
  2. Whats a Graphics card ? ;)
  3. erm, Its like this little box inside you computer that pixies live inside,
    and when you play games, they paint the picture for your monitor basically,
    the better the graphics card, the more pixies are living in there and they're cleverer than the lower cards pixies, they probably have a union,dental plan and stuff,
    The Asus 6950Direct CuII has like a billion pixies all cleverer than professor steven hawkins :P
  4. Picture imp!
    Yeah, you'll need a graphics card, I think.
  5. Is that? omg! Thats the new Nvidia Gtzsxplttyn4 8768gt turbo killcard isn't it?

    Hehe, 'well its all black and white now see? shouldn't have played all those games with blood, I'm out of red

    sorry Op, as you may have guessed We're mad, I think the other posters are as well
    more ram and a graphics card man, thats my sensible advice
  6. "intel g33\g31 express chiset family" that is your problem, if your actually using the onboard video it's well below the required for many games. You need a video card.
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