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Ineed windows 7 ultimate key for acer please

Ineed the 7 ultimate key for acer
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More about ineed windows ultimate acer please
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    Asking for stuff like that in here is highly frowned upon.
  2. If you have a legitimate license for Windows 7 Ultimate, call Microsoft.

    They are more then willing to give you a license key if its a legit copy.

    If not you will have to go out and buy a copy.
  3. check on the bottom of the system if it's a laptop... probably on the back if it's a desktop.... there should be a sticker with the product key for what came with the system.
  4. petr_Is said:
    Ineed the 7 ultimate key for acer

    you can do better - download a linux os! right now mint linux is very popular, followed by ubuntu. fedora and puppy are good too.
    with linux you don't need the hassle of keys and !@#$. the os is very powerful and you can update the os very easily. if you want to run windows you can use a vm software or something like wine!
    as for your problem, contact microsoft or acer with your problem . look around in your laptop, it might have the key printed on it. or look in the laptop manual.
    do not ask for serials or keys here.
  5. We do not support piracy on Tom's Hardware.
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