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I have an Antec 900 gaming case, its a mid tower. I also have a Corsair TX 850watt. The cables are so incredibly thick, and there are so many of them. My cable management looks horrible. Does anyone have any good ideas/suggestions. I cannot stand to look at it. Especially since i wanna add a few new things to my PC.

Here are some pics of what i have now:

Any input would be greatly appreciated. :bounce:
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  1. Im not sure how the antec cases are, but on my haf 922, there is the motherboard plate where its screwed too, and between that plate and back (opposite side of the mobo) theres a couple inches till the side panel. I ran all my wires behind that area so they arent visible. Maybe if you uploaded some pictures with the side panels taken off from both sides so i can see exactly how the case is set up. Ill try to post some pictures later for you to show you what i mean.
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    Here's what I did with my three Antec 900's:

    As you can see, I have a Corsair 750TX - just as many cables as yours. It's a snug fit to run the cables behind the motherboard tray, but with a little work, they do fit.

    Cables and edge molding for the holes I cut:
    Window molding

    Extension cables
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