Freezer 7 Pro fan not reaching max speeds

a friend of mine recently purchased a Freezer 7 pro cpu cooler for use on an i7-860 cpu. we notice on the stock cooler he was reaching core temps of about 77C under load and had a very small increase in fan speeds maybe 500 rpm increase max of about 1500. I advised him to replace the cooler mainly because those stock coolers are junk anyway but after installing the new cooler we realized nothing had changed.. we are still reaching about 77C under load and again the fan is topping at about 1500 rpm. the spec sheet on the fan says at 100% that fan should be at around 2600rpm.. it is a 4 pin pwm controlled cooler. I guess my question is how can we make that cooler fan run at 100%? and would disconnecting the pwm wire cause the fan to run at 100%?
any information would be of great help..
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  1. disabled smart fan in bios
  2. I'm sorry i should have mentioned prior that this is a dell xps 8100 machine. after searching the bios for that option we finally called dell tech support and was told that no such option exists on this machine.
  3. Oh dear Dell strikes again!

    Firstly can i ask, did you clean the cpu properly before installing the Freezer Pro as it already has a thermal paste pre-applied?

    As for getting it to run at max speed all you need to do is buy a molex to 4 or adaptor, something like this would do.

    Phobya 30cm Adaptor Black 4pin Molex (12V) To 4pin PWM 81118

    And just connect molex to psu and freezer fan to the pwm connector, this should give you the required full voltage to run your freezer fan at full speed.
  4. I think the 4pin adapter is probably his best bet. As for the install to preserve the dell warranty he had a tech from a local computer shop come to his house and install it. The cooler had arctic mx2 pre applied and the guy was very professional and did good clean work. I'll have him give the adaptor a try and report back how it works. Thanks for all the info!
  5. As a FP2 user, I would suspect the temp issues are down more to the poor air circulation that the XPS range suffer from. Any place to fit extra intake/exhaust fans?
  6. das_stig said:
    As a FP2 user, I would suspect the temp issues are down more to the poor air circulation that the XPS range suffer from. Any place to fit extra intake/exhaust fans?

    Time to reach for the Dremel, back in the day 2004 my first PC was a Dell it had an ATI XT850 fitted to it that cooked itself on a regular basis due to lack of decent airflow, so i reached for the dremel and thats when the learning curve started, if remember rightly i managed to fit an 80mm in the front and 2 on the roof, it was a major pain in the arse too, as the PC seemed to have its entire steel frame shrouded in tough plastic which was harder to cut than the steel.
  7. 77 degree cpu temps, Tcase or Tjunction:

    Here's an article that might help you sort out those temps.

    What program do you use to monitor temps ?
  8. First off I would like to thank everyone for all the advice and quick responses.
    I will say the xps case does lack any fresh air in, it has a 90mm exhaust in the back and a 90mm on the cpu cooler itself and thats it and the case hardly has enough room for the micro atx board inside. as for monitoring the temps we have used speedfan and CPUID HWmonitor both showing tjunction ranging a few degrees between the 4 cores and core #3 always seems to be the hottest peaking around 77C after playing games like BF2BC.
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