Help upgrading to Sady Bridge.

Hello guys, I have been looking online but I can't find a clear answer on how to go about my upgrade.

I currently have a P5N-E Asus Mobo/QX6700 Core 2 Duo machine and I want to upgrade to a Sandy Bridge machine. I plan on buying the motherboard, CPU and RAM but I want to keep my PSU, Graphics Card and HDD's.

Can I build my new machine and not have to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium?
It would probably be better to do a fresh install but I only have an upgrade DVD for Win 7. (I upgraded from Vista on my current machine)

Has anyone upgraded to a Sandy Bridge machine and kept the same OS install?
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    Yes, that should be fine, though you'll probably have to uninstall the old mobo drivers and install new ones. AFAIK, you'll only run into problems if your copy of Windows 7 is the OEM version, not the Retail one.
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