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So i'm going to get a new gpu , ati hd4870, and i'd like to know if this card fits on my Foxconn g31mx-k motherboard. I'ts an matx board and also 1.0 so will this card work?

I also need a new psu with 2 6-pin connectors. I was thinking about this

So will this work ? i dont care if its a brand psu or not btw :)

Also , if i buy a new psu will it come with all the cables i need? I know pretty much about gpu's and psu's etc, but when it comes to installing hardware i pretty much have two left hands ( So i'm asking a friend )

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  1. Yes the 4870 will work with your g31 motherboard and yes the power supply will be adequate to power your system. I have no familiarity with the brand of the power supply, it's always better to go with a quality power supply even if it costs a bit more (i.e. seasonic, corsair,antec) , but what you posted is adequate.
  2. Anyone else an opinion?
  3. I agree with dirt mountain. What you plan on getting will work.

    That PSU has all the cables you will need.
  4. One more opinion would be great. im ordering the card tommorow so i'll ask again.. would a hd4870 work on a 1.0 mATX mobo? ( i currently have an ati hd4350 )

    Thanks for the help
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