Need opinions on Graphics Upgrade

Hey forums,

I am planning on upgrading my 5850 setup soon, and I want more graphics power. I was thinking either buy a second 5850 or get a 6950 (then flash it to a 6970).

But theres a catch:
I have a TX 650 Watt, and that only has 2 pcie connectors. That means I would have to get a new power supply (I was thinking 850 HX) in order to fuel my second 5850.

So the whole price/performance gains, should I get a 6950 and keep the PSU, or upgrade both, or 5850's and new PSU, etc.

I would love some input/thoughts/opinions.

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  1. Why not use the molex-to-PCIe connectors for the 2nd HD 5850? The 5800 series uses less power than the 4800 series, and I run two HD 4870s, 5 HDDs, a TV card, and an ODD on a Corsair CMPSU-650TX. Just a thought that will save you some $.
  2. I already tried that, but there's only four connectors for Molex, and I have 5 case fans on my antec 902
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