Notebook CPU upgrade - Possible??

Hey guys, i have an old Asus G1S Laptop with an Intel core 2 duo T7500 in it. Now, a mate of mine has a T9400 he pulled out his old notebook. He says he'll sell it to me for $100 so i can throw it into my G1S

My question is - Is it as easy as that? can i just unscrew the back, remove the heat sink, pop out the old T7500 and pop in the T9400??

Also is it worth it?

Much appreciated guys!

EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention that the mobo is the intel 965m.
Since the t9400 is a Penrynn rather than the merom will it be supported?
I thought i read that the 965m was given a bios update allowing for penrynn but im not sure and cant remember and want to make sure!

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  1. Notebooks aren't designed for cpu upgrades and most don't have bios updates that cover a cpu change; the heatsinks are often proprietary, and the new cpu will run under it's maximum value most of the time anyway to conserve battery life and run cooler. The notebook heatsinks aren't very big so if you add a faster cpu it will make it even harder to move the heat. Also most venders don't carry notebook cpus, so check ebay or craigslist and make an offer.
  2. Oook, thanks for taking the time to respond mate, but that wasn't really what i was asking ... i was kinda looking for something slightly more case specific.

    ie Can i pluck out the old and drop in the new?

    btw as mentioned I can get the processor so the sales point is unnecessary.

    The computer is always plugged in since its mainly used for media these days and since both the T7500 and T9400 are 35W cpus i thought the heat/power change would be negligible.

    Plus i was under the impression that Penryn socket ran a bit cooler than the Meroms

    But cheers for responding i appreciate your time, i hope someone else knows a bit more about the 965m chipset than us two!
  3. It's not so much the chipset as the system manufacturer. Your system may run fine if the socket type is the same, but not recognize the cpu properly, or run too warm with the original heatsink. I would email your laptop manufacturer.
  4. Yeah I emailed Asus and they threw me the old

    "replacing the CPU would result in your warantee becoming void, we may not advise you upon this issue. Thank you for understanding" =/ wankers

    My question to them was whether the Penryn Socket T9400 would be compatible with the 965m chipset given that that bios update v300 states "penrynn compatability" - no details or clarification is available
  5. anyone?? any ideas??
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    I would check and see if asus has any forums on it's website to see if someone else has upgraded your G1S.
  7. First of all, cheers for your help and time O1die,

    NOW! After hours of trawling the webs I've finally pieced it all together!

    The Intel PM965 is compatible with the newer Penryn Processors so long as the bios is updated to V300 and the processor has a 800Mhz FSB -

    meaning the T7xxx series are OK and the T9500 and the T9300 will work but the T9400 with its 1000Mhz FSB wont work properly. Phew.

    I wonder what would have happened if i had thrown the T9400 in... i'm almost curious enough to try... mmmmmm
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