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Ram voltages with i5

I just built a new system, however I believe I read somewhere that i5 doesnt like the RAM to have voltages over 1.5. If that is the case, what is the negative effect? Anything good about higher voltages?

The two sets I'm going between are

Current set that can be returned which is 1.65v @1600

Patriot gamer 2


Ripjaws X
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    It highly depends on the motherboard, whats your motherboard? Some motherboards only like 1.5v ram, others don't mind the extra juice of 1.65v ram (for ocing).

    Edit: I would go for the g skill due to the 1.5v ram, but on the second hand I wouldn't get it either as the heat sinks on that ram are way too high (which may interfere with a 3rd party cpu cooler).
  2. I have a gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3h-b3. Pretty low end board but have friends with stable 4.5 on it. As sure third party cooler, I'm using an h80 so I'm not worried about intrusion on the ram at all.
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