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Hi all,
a friend told me he was playing Supreme Commander, so I was wondering what graphic card he had. He didn't know its name, but he said it had a memory of 5GB. I didn't know that existed, or perhaps he's wrong? I never found one greater then 1GB. I now have an ATI Radeon HD4350, which sucks for common games. Any advice for a good card?

If you wan't my specs:
Intel Core i5 2 cores, 4 logic procs (3.5GHz total)
Windows 7 prof 32-bit
2GB ram
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  1. 5GB is an uncommon number for GPUs I believe... but there is this

    As for the good card advice, it would depend on your budget and screen resolution. I've never played Supreme Commander before, but I can say that the ATI HD Radeon 5500 to 5700 series is a good pick, seems as if any card before that model either sucks or is too expensive for its performance.
  2. If he's still your friend :) ask him to download GPUz and then we'll all know what the card is, that'll be great info for us too.
    For you, I mean for your rig, you can go for the 5xxx series since that'll be a not so expensive series to go for and plus will deliver the graphics you need.....
    Although a lot of other things do count like buska says, you need to give us a budget to work within, you need to increase your RAM too, plus what games you're looking forward to play and at what resolutions, and what's the model of the monitor you're using, is it connected to a tele too..... etc etc....
  3. Thanks for info, I was thinking of a HD5550. I would like to improve my flight sim x experience. (Good fps while maxed, REX enabled if possible. I like all kinds of games, strategy, mmorpg, adventure and shooters.

    I don't really care about a budget, as long as it's good stuff.
    Screen resolution is 1920x1080, 60Hz (HP x22 led wide lcd). Not connected to anything.

    Never heard of GPUz, but it's really usefull. My graphic card got 1024mb memory. Uhm, I'm pretty new to exploring the hardware universe, so just ask me other things you would like to know about my pc.
    I got 4GB ram, but only 2.1gb is available, thought that was because of W7. I'll ask what graphic card my friend got.
  4. Yeah, it's time to move onto a 64bit W7 edition...... atleast that way you'll make full use of the 4GB of RAM, plus it's a lot more faster than a 32Bit OS..... better utilization of resources.....
    Don't go for the HD5550.....
    if budget is not the question then a 5970 would be great... :) but I don't think you'll go for that..... but go for a 5830...... that'll really give you bang for the buck..... or the 5870....
    Don't go for the 5550....
  5. A 58/6850 would be a good pick. :D
  6. Nice, I think I got all information I need now. Although, my friend keeps forgetting to say me what graphic card he has.. If you still wan't to know I will pm you. I think I'll order the 5850 right now with the link cthunder gave me. Thanks alot guys, this really helped.
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