Is 1G ATI radeon 5470 good for gaming?

I am having a problem playing Broken Sword Angel of Death on my dell studio although i have 1G ATI Radeon 5470
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  1. It is not very good! Just a step over a basic card. Lowering details is your only option.
  2. No. It is an entry level card primarily for multimedia.
  3. Minimum for gaming would probably be a 5670; maybe higher, depending on your resolution.... it would have to be awfully low to get away with it.

    I'm running a 5770 right now, and it has major troubles on max settings at 1080p for newer games. I'd say for actual gaming it's the starting point. It all depends on your resolution - For 1280x1024, you can do with a 5670. If you're up into the 1600x or 1920x1080p range, then you'll want a 5770 if you're going to play newer games.

    As has been said, the 5470 is basically for multimedia - watching movies, videos, etc.
  4. I mostly agree with someguy, but there are exceptions of course. I have the 5750 and couldn't be happier with it. The only game I play is TF2 however (I did just buy L4D2, but shouldn't have any issues with it.) and the 5750 handles it maxed details just fine at 1680x1050. And unlike my 8800GS which did the same, it can use 4AA instead of 0AA.

    So I agree you're going to have issues at 1680x1050, but not if you play only a few games that are easy on cards.
  5. I would say get something like a hd5750/5770 or higher.
  6. Laptop = HD5470
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