Upgrading 7300 LE, Up To $100 budget

hey all, i got a dell xps 410, with a nvidia 7300 le and dell stock power supply that runs at 375 max watts, yes i know its low lol

heres the specs
+5V =\ 22A Max
+5V(FP)= \ 2A Max
+12VA = \ 18A Max
-12V =\ 1A Max
+3.3V =\ 17A Max
+12VB =\ 18 A Max

so my question is, is there any cheap graphic cards to upgrade this one

it has 2 dvd drives, 3 gb ram, 2 hd's and a tv card, all coupled with a intel e6400(wish i could over clock), any suggestions as to getting a graphic card with hdmi would help

budget rang (0-100)
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102869&cm_re=5670-_-14-102-869-_-Product

    That should work just fine on you PSU and will be a HUGE boost from what you have, more than 10x better, it'll get you play the latest games at more than decent settings .

    OCing the cpu would help alot too.
  2. Ya i was going to suggest the 5670 also.It is a very good low budget card.Doesn't use a lot of power and has DX11 if you need it.
  3. If dealing with a rebate is okay with you, then you can get the XFX HD 5750 for $95 after a $20 rebate + $4 for shipping. It is much better than the HD 5670.

  4. Seems that a 5750 will work with his current PSU but is really pushing it to it's limits.Luckily Dells makes some quality PSU's.

    Around 350watts total with the 5750
  5. The PSU is 375w and Dell is known for understating the actual power of the PSUs in their PCs (which are manufactured by FSP Source). The additional 20w - 25w that the HD 5750 uses over the HD 5670 will be fine.

    Installing the HD 5770... well that's a different story.
  6. alright thanksyall any ideas on any nvidia ones??, im wanting this computer to last, i dont entirely game on it all the time just casually, any more suggestions will be great
  7. cobra11 said:
    alright thanksyall any ideas on any nvidia ones??, im wanting this computer to last, i dont entirely game on it all the time just casually, any more suggestions will be great

    I do not recommend any nVidia card because something comparable to the HD 5750 (the GTS 450) in performance uses even more power than the HD 5770.

    Source: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/nvidia-geforce-gts-450_4.html#sect0
  8. Can you stretch your budget at all?Say around $50 more?
  9. Actually i just used a "real" PSU calculator and it seems it should be okay running all of this with a 5770 or a GTS450.
    Preferably a 5770 just to be safe.

    If you can,go use this and fill in the blanks
  10. its saying im using about 329 watts already
  11. and i would love to stretch my budget but at the moment i cant, im just looking for somthing to deal with hd video and basic stuff, i did play crysis on the 7300LE, and ya lol, id rather be able to play a little of that to but if not its fine
  12. Are you sure u did it right?
    Did u enter a video card or did u leave it blank?

    What resoultion is your monitor?
    You could easily play Crysis with a gts450 or 5770 on medimum settings.I'm sure with a 5670 you could still get playable FPS.
    And what is your CPU speed?When you do play games, espisally Crysis, will use a lot of CPU power as well as GPU.So having a fast CPU will help.
  13. Never trust a single one of em PSU calculators, they're all innacurate crap they use to always make you buy higher wattage models.
  14. well my cpu speed is 2.13 ghz, intel core 2 duo, the gpu nvidia 7300 LE has turbo cache, it has 128 mb of on board memory, and with turbo cache it uses system memory to........, i did have the gpu set on low
  15. my resoultion is 1280 x 1024 but i got a hd screen coming in within the coming week


    and as much as i would love to over clock the dell board is locked down from what ive heard.., and being a dell xps 410 i cant get another case as it uses a btx form factor...., its a pain i know
  16. That's the second biggest downside of having a OEM PC, aside from the higher price, still the 5670 shouldn't bottleneck with that, and if it does it wouldn't be much relevant, same on the 5750.

    The higher the res the less cpu dependant games become, if your new screen is 1080p or more, it won't be a big deal not being able to OC the cpu, if you kept your current monitor the bottleneck would be more noticeable.
  17. ya i understand that, lol yall wouldnt believe what kind of monitor im using to,lol its not to bad some people compared it to a lcd......., im using a old hp pavilion mx70 crt monitor, but now that a new one is on the way im lookin to upgrade the gpu, as the current one some times struggles with 1080p, not all the time thow..., its a iffy
  18. CRTs aren't bad at all, they're just huge, ugly, much chunkier and power hungrier, and people felt the need of something more eco-friendly and space saving, but picture quality wise they're still better than alot of those cheapo LCDs out there, specially because they have almost no ghosting due to the high refresh rates ( on some of them). There are also 120hz and 240hz LCDs thoug, those are great, and expensive.
  19. ya, lol i like this one besides the fact that its big and startin to hurt my eyes.., i spend way to much time on a monitor like this.., and the one i bought "says" there wont be any ghosting.., we will see
  20. The 5670 will work, but for a 1080p monitor i would rather go with a 5770.I would wait until you have enough money.But even if you got a 5770 it would get bottlenecked.I guess the 5670 is the best for now.
  21. why would you go with the 5770, srry im just clueless when it comes to ati, radeon or anythin in that nature, im know more about nvidia, but even i dont always care for them lol, what kind of difference would the 5770 do
  22. It's a lot more powerful than the 5670 and would do better at 1080p than a 5670.But even if you did get the 5770 it would get bottlenecked by your CPU.So in that case the 5670 would be the best option.
  23. http://wize.com/graphics-cards/p460765-128-mb-dell-geforce-7300le-dvi-vga

    i see, this is a bit more info on the one i got now, ill look into the 5670, any specific one??, i know theres different brands that put out 5670's but which one yall recommend sorry yall for puttin yall thru this, yall have been very helpful
  24. Not bad,but you will need much more VRAM.
    When selecting the which 5670 to buy you will defintly need the 1G version for your 1080p.
    Do you have a certain budget for the GPU upgrade?

    If money is not an issue i would get this version

    But their a far cheaper ones,just be sure to get the one with 1G of memory.
  25. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161338
    HIS 5770 for 129.99 - 30 MIR = 99.99 and free shipping.
    Just squeaking under your budget :)

    Scratch that. Rebate ended yesterday. Still listed on the search but not on the main item page anymore. Sorry :(
  26. A 5770 would be nice,and it is within your budget.If you did buy one it would be serverly bottlenecked by your CPU.Altough you would still see a performance gain over the 5670 it wouldn't be much because of the slow CPU.I guess it's good to get it now and have it be limited and then when you purchase a new CPU in the future you will already have the 5770.But the 5770 will be much cheaper by then.

    I'm still going to stand by my reccomendation for the 5670 because it won't get bottlenecked and most importantly for power issues.
  27. 375w psu for 5770 = no good
  28. This looks like a good idea,if you can stretch your budget just a little more.


    Also,not to bad either

  29. purple stank said:
    This looks like a good idea,if you can stretch your budget just a little more.


    Also,not to bad either


    on both of the combo deals the -12v is less than the factory 1 Amp, would it be safe to do this or not??, i know all the others checked out
  30. They are both 80plus certified so they are quality PSU's.Expect for the Raidmax it says typically 80 so i'd guess it's probably 75%.Still they wouldn't pair those in combos if it wasn't safe.
  31. i understand, i was just making sure with my current config that these new powersupplys wouldnt short or anything cause of the -12v line on the new ones, being less then the factory powersupply
  32. do yall know what the 12v requirments for 5770, i been lookin into it, and thats prob the one im gonna get, my new monitor just came in to my surprise the 7300 LE is kicking out 1080p hd easy.., but running pretty hot 55c all way up to 80c, not to bad but im not into it hitting the 80c..
  33. make sure it has at least 40Amps combined on the +12v rails and you'll be good.
  34. alright, i did find that i can overclock the cpu.., gonna have to keep messing with that thought
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