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Asus p8z68 shows red vga led only on wakeup

Hi all, this is a new pc put together and I've experienced this red VGA LED on the motherboard and nothing displays on the monitor. It only happens when I try to wakeup the PC after a long sleep period (overnight). A short sleep and wakeup doesn't reproduce the red led. I even tried changing power setting options where it never goes to sleep up just turns off display after 15mins and same issue when i wake up next morning. A reboot fixes it but I'm trying to figure out why this is happening.

My build
i7 2600k
Asus p8z68 vpro gen3
16gb corsair vengance low profile
hyper 212 evo
sapphire oc 7950
xfx 850w psu
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    Are you using the latest motherboard BIOS Version 3101 released today? A lot of wake from sleep problems can be traced back to BIOS problems.

    ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 BIOS 3101 (last updated: 2012.02.21)
  2. No I wasn't aware about the release. I will update today and pray this issue is gone.
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