Looking for a Good Monitor 30" (ish)

Hi there
Well im now looking to upgrade my monitor as i seem to lose track of people when im playing FAST paced games....
I currently have the Samsung 2232BW and it seems to flicker a bit....

So im looking for a Bigger and better Screen for around £300-400 but im not 100% sure what i should be looking for...

I believe:-
- Refresh rates are important (not sure about LED screens) but im not sure on Resolution.
- Dot Pitch (but this never seems to be displayed on the ones i look at :'()
- Responce times (2ms or less i believe)

I been looking at this but i thinkn its only 50Hz which im not sure is good enough...
SAMSUNG UE32C4000 32" HD Ready LED Backlit TV

I can get this for about £300

Any better suggestions??

P.S Graphics card= Sapphire ATI 4870 1GB

Thanks for your help
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  1. Hmm I still no closer to finding a good monitor
  2. Ehhh, I don't think I would ever get a 30 inch monitor that isn't 2560x1600, I don't think PC gaming on a 30 inch monitor at 1920x1080 would be too enjoyable.

    I'm almost sure that TV can't do anything more than 1920x1080 but I could be wrong.
  3. Dell 3008..Love mine but they are expensive.
  4. z06psi said:
    Dell 3008..Love mine but they are expensive.

    It has some pretty serious input lag though. The 3007 or 3011 are both better in that department...

    (I love my 3011)
  5. Ya they are a bit expensive...... £1000 is to much I'm thinking £300-£400
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