GeForce GT 240 Superclocked 512MB For Physix

So i have a gtx 480. And i wanna get a EVGA 512-P3-1242-LR GeForce GT 240 Superclocked 512MB for dedicated physix. Question is, is the GT 240 a good enough card for this. I mean i dont require the best physix. But what I want is to give the gtx 480 more room for framerates. I figure and maybe i am wrong, that i should get much better FPS with a dedicated physix card. But is the GT 240 enough?
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  1. Yes. Any 8000 series and up will provide PhysX(they say)so the GT240 will do the job.
  2. yes, it will be good, although a single gtx480 is fine to run physx by itself. What are you playing that uses physx hardware accelleration that is not giving good framerates?
  3. From what I've seen the GT240/9600Gt is the minimum card you'd want for a dedicated PhsyX card. Anything weaker then that won't be able to handle higher levels of PhysX, and anything over the GTS250/GTX260 won't provide anything better.

    I agree with iam2. I'd only buy if you are having issues with the GTX480 not being able to provide playable frame rates.
  4. OK for some of you guys and gals I will put it this way. Running physx on the main card is like taking away 32-64 shaders when it can make a difference in some modern physx games. The min fps can have a nice improvement is the system i/o is good enough. Avg fps is what people want not peak fps. I have done this before my self twice and found that it can pan out nicely but the system must be able to handle both cards.
  5. So my GTX 480 does a bang up job on everything. But games like metro and crysis do give it some pause. I figured i can free up the GTX 480 if i get a dedicated physics card. There's not much in the way of benchmarks for physics. Sure you can find a few. But none with cards you might have. I guess possible mix and match makes it hard. My system can handle triple SLI, so no system worries. Just currious if it's a good card to get. Not sure i wanna spend more then 100 bucks either. Otherwise i might just go all out and get another 480 and go crazy. But i dont have that kind of money.
  6. Metro it will help, Crysis doesn't use PhysX. Won't make a difference.
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